Welcome to our water treatment plants

KEM FLO AQUA PURE RO SYSTEMS (KAP) is a diversified company, serving customers in various parts of India in its core business pertaining to water treatment plants & chemicals. KAP caters to water treatment plants in various applications like drinking, pharmaceuticals, processed food, semiconductors, mineral water , boiler feed , cooling and chilling plants and many more & handling both in industrial and domestic markets with a wide range of innovative and quality products. It has registered office in Delhi, located in Sarita Vihar, New Delhi holding Regn. Certificate issued by the Registrar of firms, Delhi and operates its works & sales offices both located in Noida. Its factory for manufacture of industrial & commercial water treatment plants is located in industrial Sector in Delhi and Noida.(estb in 2005.)

KAP comprises of a group of highly specialized engineers & technocrats in water treatment technology, having a long and varied experience in this field. After studying the specific requirements, KAP provides a customized solution in all water treatment requirements and problems just as per customer's needs. Numerous impurities in water like nitrate, arsenic, fluoride, iron and micro-organisms like Cryptosporidium, protozoa, amoeba etc. can cause a number of water borne diseases. KAP has the expertise to handle and control all these impurities with an ultimate aim to provide safe and pure drinking water to its customers. Our experts have supplied/installed plants of filtration and disinfection of various sizes, based on filtration, membrane, disinfection and various other technologies in various parts of India.


We make all-out and strenuous efforts to achieve specialization in almost all spheres of water treatment and to provide absolutely top class systems with phenomenal efficiency , by concentration on our critical core market of people who demand clean, totally treated and purified water . As such we are continuing with our efforts to focus on this clear and straight- forward goal. In order to furthe acquire more and more proficiency in achievement of the above mentioned desired goals, we have been widening our association with leading manufacturers, technologists and suppliers in the field of water treatment. With this end in view, we have had direct selling arrangements with reputed manufacturers, especially those engaged in industrial markets with a wide range of innovative quality products and we have been extensively using their products and components in the water treatment plants we design.